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Our leading edge, highly scalable exchange platforms leverage proven technology to deliver unparalleled reliability, performance, cost and execution advantage while allowing for flexibility, low operational cost, low support cost and seamless connectivity with other trading platforms. GXT’s extensive insights and domain knowledge uniquely position it to build and establish electronic, organized, and regulated financial markets for ‘new asset classes’ and ‘new investor classes’ while integrating local markets with the global economy. These benefits include price transparency, trade efficiency, hedging against price volatility, effective risk management and access to structured finance.

The absence of local and regional organized electronic and regulated market infrastructures, deprives these markets of the ability to influence the pricing of the assets traded. For these markets to exert such influence, multi-asset exchanges are required. These exchanges will meet the need for local price discovery, liquidity, risk management, local clearing and settlement, and delivery in local currency and time zone, within a common regulatory framework.

GXT’s technology, domain knowledge and infrastructure will permit competent entities in these regions to set up world-class financial exchanges that help economic development through broadening and deepening of the market while helping them influence the pricing of the assets traded.

GXT’s network-centric architecture will see the emergence of regional exchange networks, which will leverage economies of scale in technology, operations, product development, clearing, settlement and delivery across the pre-trade, trade, and post-trade lifecycles of the product traded, thereby driving down transaction cost and boosting liquidity and value across these networked exchanges. Networked exchanges will create an ‘aggregate value impact’ on liquidity and product innovation.

GXT platforms globally will enable competent entities to set up financial markets that offer greater transparency, higher liquidity, more efficient price discovery, and better management of risk while furthering social and economic objectives.

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