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Software Services

GXT is a global leader in information technology services, and infrastructure with proven domain expertise in Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Communications, Media & Information sectors. The founders of GXT were pioneers in developing global delivery of software services and SaaS. Today we leverage an enhanced global delivery model, innovative virtual environments and industry expertise to build and sustain application platforms for our clients. The results are sustainable solutions that create competitive advantage while providing mission critical IT services to enhance business performance, accelerate time-to-market, increase productivity, and improve customer service.

Domain Knowledge
GXT management team has over 200 person-years of experience in technology and financial services. In fact, they pioneered many unique technology solutions to some of the most critical and long-standing challenges in the financial services sector. GXT has successfully leveraged this domain knowledge and expertise to develop effective solutions that address the unique technology challenges of the financial services sector.

GXT’s most valuable assets, its dedicated software engineers, have extensive knowledge and years of experience in the financial services sector. They understand the data, workflows, and compliance requirements. Most importantly, they have proven experience in delivering software used in business critical operations around the globe. We provide a comprehensive set of competitive advantages to ensure success of your project:

Financial industry domain knowledge
Dedicated experienced software engineers
Experienced project management team
Leadership team with over 20 years of successful information technology services experience and a track record of delivering projects on-time and on-budget

The GXT Difference
GXT’s core competence has been forged over the years developing high transaction, high availability, and highly secure financial exchange platforms with integrated clearing/settlement system, tightly coupled decision-making systems, security, and surveillance systems. We understand and deliver performance, availability, and security to mission critical financial environments.

The Best Project Teams
In the world of financial technology, time-to-market and quality of deliverables is always the top IT priority. GXT optimizes project delivery time and quality by building mixed on-site/off-shore teams selected for domain knowledge and proven project-specific experience that delivers both savings in time and money.

GXT’s Development Centers are based in Boston, Australia and India. Our global organization is supported by the most sophisticated infrastructure to provide efficient logistics, and a better skill set match for international financial organizations.

Custom Application Development
GXT's broad experience enables us to be flexible enough to work with your requirements.GXT develops custom systems, re-engineers legacy platforms, and provides independent QA and code review on a fixed-price or flexible Time-and-Material basis.

Our proprietary training and domain knowledge sharing system allows us to save critical start-up time, providing better quality early in the process. Combining best-of-breed processes for solving complex problems with domain knowledge, proprietary project management tools and global delivery capabilities, GXT delivers high-quality, reliable and flexible applications that are easy to maintain and modular to facilitate enhancements.

GXT provides a flexible spectrum of application development services, including:
Requirements definition and feasibility study preparation
Project estimation
Architecture and system design
User interface design
System implementation
Test design
System, integration, stress testing
System deployment and acceptance
Integration with other client systems
Document development
User training
Application Maintenance
GXT’s Application Maintenance is a support service that ensures operable conditions of software applications and IT systems according to the client’s operation requirements and/or provides system enhancements as needed by our clients. GXT’s Application Maintenance can provide preventive, refining, or repairing services for software systems. Preventive maintenance may include system refurbishing, refactoring and renewing. Routine maintenance activities include system performance check-ups, testing, minor repairs, and other similar activities.

Engagement and Governance Framework
The client engagement process is critical for the effectiveness of any outsourcing relationship. To cater to each client’s requirements, GXT offers a set of engagement models, which rely on proven governance framework-processes, methodologies and metrics that bring transparency, engineering discipline, and predictability into the relationship.

Whether it is ongoing development and support or an R&D initiative for a defined period of time, our engagement model is flexible enough to meet our clients’ diverse needs.

Governance & Communication
Executive participation
Steering committees
Project workbook
Management reviews
Weekly and daily team interaction

Metrics and SLAs
Schedule adherence
Product quality
Process quality
Product support

Wide Skill Base
Web Development
MYSQL , Oracle 8i/9i, SQL Server - 2005.
Web Servers
Apache, IIS
Web Services:
Eclipse 3.X, FileZilla, SVN, Notepad++, SSH client, PUTTY, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, CVS, Visual Source Safe, Requisite Pro, SSH client, PUTTY, Weblogic 6.0 and 8.1, Tomcat, 5.0.X,
Front page, Coreldraw, Photoshop, VRML, Dreamweaver
Operating System:
Ubuntu 9/10/11, CentOS 5, Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP/ Vista/7, Windows Server 2008

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